Sinter metal powder filters


 BEOT manufactures a variety of sintered porous metal media, such disc, sheet, tube and equipment according to the customers requirement.The porous metal filter elements are produced by cold isostatic pressing. By this processing method, the length of seamless porous tube can get to 1500 mm. The pore size is made to measure from 0.1 µm to 200 µm. The cylinder are produced without seam weld resulting in superior media uniformity and higher corrosion resistance. The inherent strength and resistance to high temperature and pressures also means that the filters can be cleaned and reused many times, to achieve cost efficient operation. 

Sintered metal powderfilter elements (porous metal filter)are ideal choice for process filtration applications where high strength and excellent corrosion and temperature resistance are required Manufactured from isostatically compacted and sintered metal powders ensure excellent powder uniformity and strength for superior filtration performance and long ...Read More
Disc Dia: 13, 30, 47, 50, 60,70,80, 105,160,200,205,210,435mm (at present) Thickness ≥1mm Filter rating: from 0 1 to 200 micron Besides, we can make kinds of filter disc according to customer s requirement...Read More
Maximum size at present: 500mm*500mm and can be manufactured tailor to custome s special requirement ...Read More
BEOT can make the fittings and bushings according to the customer s special requirement ...Read More