Sintered Powder Metal Filters

BEOT manufactures a wide variety of sintered powder porous metal media and components that include: Tubes, Discs, Sheets, and Engineered Components.  Using cold isostatic pressing, we can produce seamless tubes up to 1500mm long with filtration efficiencies from 0.1µ to 200µ.  Our state of the art equipment and manufacturing processes result in products with superior uniformity and higher corrosion resistance.  Sintered power metal filters have inherent mechanical strength making the suitable for the most demanding process environments.  And metal filters can be cleaning and reused, providing long term cost savings.
Sintered Powder Metal Filter Elements and Tubes are the ideal choice for process filtration applications where high strength and excellent corrosion resistance are required ...Read More
Sintered Metal Discs are used not only for filtration but also in the manufacture of fluidizing beds and spargers A maximum diameter of 435mm is the largest in the industry ...Read More
Sheet Material is used for filtration and for gas diffusion Single piece plates up to 500mm x 500mm the largest available ...Read More
BEOT Custom Components are designed and manufactured to your specifications A wide range of shapes and sizes are available And we can weld the fittings and connections complete your assembly ...Read More