BEOT sintered porous metals are the ideal media for the chemical processing industries including petroleum refining, chemical and petrochemical manufacturing.  Sintered porous metals are versatile and can be used with confidence in extreme environmental conditions including high temperatures, low temperatures, corrosive chemistry and high differential pressures.
Our sintered metal products are 100% stainless steel, Hastelloy, Inconel or Monel.  There are no binders to break down or leach out.  And since our products are cleanable and reusable customers will enjoy many years of service in most applications.
Used extensively in both liquid and gas applications for batch and continuous process streams.  Our media is cleanable in-situ making it the best possible media for automatic self-cleaning filtration systems.

Applications in the Chemical & Petrochemical markets: 

▪ Catalyst separation & recovery
▪ Precoat Filtration
▪ Cryogenic Fluids
▪ High Temperature Liquids
▪ Crystal recovery from mother liquor
▪ Corrosive Fluids
▪ Polishing of syrups, liquors, and other liquids
▪ Catalyst removal from flavor ingredients and other food specialties
▪ Removal of activated carbon
▪ Septa for precoats and ion exchange resins
▪ Guard filtration for fixed bed reactors
▪ Catalyst recovery from hydrogenation reactors
▪ Oxygen (Filters cleaned for O2 service)
▪ Catalyst separation & recovery
▪ High temperature gas filtration
▪ Corrosive gas filtration
▪ Capture of PTA powder
▪ Inlet separation of natural gas
▪ Efficient dedusting for environmental processes and desulfurization
▪ Filtration of coal chemical feeds
▪ Process steam filtration
▪ Sparging gases into liquids
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