Chemical Industry

BEOT sinter metals become the ideal media for chemical/petro-chemical filtration due to the very high or low temperature, rigid natural condition and other severe environmental factors. The filter cartridge is made of 100% stainless steel, Hastalloy, Inconel or Monel by sintering and has the unparalleled chemical compatibility and capacity of continuous operation for several years in the worst conditions.
Typical application
For Liquid
1. Interception, filtration and recycle of catalyst in hydrogenation catalytic reactor (refine).
2. Ultra-fine crystal filtration (recovery) system, which can realize static washing, draining and so on.
3. Filtration and removal of powdered activated carbon in liquid chemical materials, and precision separation and security filtration after rough separation during the production process of activated carbon decolorization.
4. Filtration of liquid material and product  before reaction and crystallization to improve product quality and yield of crystal;
5. Secondary and fine filtration of high temperature or ultra-high-temperature liquid materials and raw materials of product.
6. Retention, filtration, wash and recycle of catalyst in the preparation of catalysts.
7. Reservation, recycle of catalyst in fluidized bed reactor process
8. Gas-solid separation in fluidized-bed catalytic cracking process.
9. The protective filtration of fixed reaction bed; protective device of continuous reaction of fixed reaction bed;
10. Amine salt desulfurization
11. Glycol dehydration and desiccant dehydration
13. Filtration of finished product
14. Acid solution, stroma, organic solvents, catalyst, monomer and polymers
15. Fine filtration of petroleum products including gasoline, kerosene, lubricants, fuel oil, etc.
16. Removal of impurities in process water, boiler feed water, circulating water and coalescence water.
For Gas 
17. Capture and collection of PTA powder
18. Purifying filtration of steam, air, nitrogen and gas in other chemical production
19. Filtration and separation of high temperature and ultra-high temperature gas
20. Interception, recycle and protection of catalysts and accelerant in chemical reaction of gas.
21. Purification of blast furnace gas and purifying filtration of coal chemical feed gas before entering into system
22. Efficient dedusting in environmental protection project or desulfurization process
23. Purifying filtration of fluidized bed gas products
24. Separating mist particles from gas; filtration and separation of liquid particles from gas
25. Purification of fuel gas and instrument gas
26. Inlet separation of natural gas
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