Food & Beverage

Stainless steel is the first choice for food processing.  Porous metal is bi-directional and will perform equally well flowing from top or bottom, or from outside-in or inside out-in direction of a tube or cartridge. Its uniform porosity results in high efficiency particulate removal.  Solids/liquid filtration using sintered metal filters allows for high efficiency filtration, cake washing and cake removal using a completely closed system that minimizes product and operator exposure.  Applications using precious metal and nickel catalyst have increased catalyst removal efficiency and minimized catalyst poisoning. Process operations that use sintered metal in the food and beverage industry include modifying the processing atmosphere. This is accomplished in liquids using gas injection or sparging for the removal of oxygen as a principle means of increasing the life of perishable products. While improving stability for a longer shelf life, appearance, aroma and taste of food and beverage products are also improved.  Nitrogen blanketing and sparging of edible oil is a method to prevent oil from deteriorating during shipment.  Porous metal gas spargers used in direct steam injection lower gas consumption while eliminating steam hammer in processes requiring hot water preparation, heating liquids and other bottling, packaging, and canning operations.  Other conventional applications for sintered metal in the manufacturing of food products include carbonation, gas bulking of sauces and dressings, pH control by CO2 injection into waste streams, and the fluidization of dry goods to facilitate transportation. Porous metal spargers are widely used as inline and tank carbonators for beverages such as water, beer, soda, and fruit juices.
Applications for sintered porous metal filters in the food processing industry include:

▪ Carbonation
▪ Aeration
▪ Ozone treatment
▪ Steam injection
▪ Oxygen stripping
▪ Solid/liquid filtration designed for the processing of edible oils at various stages of refining.
▪ Process steam filtration to remove rust, pipe scale and other contaminants
▪ Nitrogen blanketing of edible oil
▪ Removal & recovery of catalysts
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