With the rapid development of pharmaceutical and food processing industry, titanium filter system is widely used in the field of pharmaceutical technology. The pharmaceutical industry is very strict on the performance of titanium filtration equipment. Titanium filter is the most ideal material to resolve corrosion and pollution problem in p industry because the corrosion caused by other material and the surface shedding may influence patients’ health greatly or it may change the color and flavor of food. Typical Application - Secondary Filtration and decarburization filtration of APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates; - Filtration of decarburization of infusion solutions, squirt, eye drops and concentration of oral solution as well as the protecting filtration before the end filtration of dilution; - Filtration of removing impurities from the steam, compressed air and nitrogen used in pharmaceutical technology; - Aeration in the fermentation of biopharmaceuticals

Application in the API / Pharmaceutical

▪ Removal of catalysts downstream of reactors
▪ Secondary filtration and decarburization of APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates
▪ Secondary filtration of decarburization of infusion solutions
▪ Aeration in the fermentation of biopharmaceuticals
▪ Sparging of gasses into reactors
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