Water Treatment

Sintered porous metal media is capable of a long filter life through years of continuous use. The solids state diffusion bonding of the sintered porous metal media eliminates tear, fatigue, and breakthrough problems typical of other media. Its tensile strength makes it well suited for high differential pressures.
Gas/liquid contacting is an important process operation in wastewater treatment. Sintered metal spargers provide efficient, cost-effective performance. In addition to rugged construction and corrosion resistant properties, the porosity significantly improves mass transfer. Sintered metal spargers have been successful in applications including stripping, adsorption and direct steam injection which are found in a broad array of industries.
Applications for Water Treatment

▪ Spargers as mixers in wastewater settling tanks
▪ Steam injection to heat water / Elimination of steam hammer
▪ Oxygen Injection for BOD and COD
▪ Oxygen Stripping
▪ PH Adjustment and Control – Neutralizing Alkaline Solutions
▪ Volatile stripping – removal of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) from waste streams
▪ Adding O2 to O2 depleted water prior to discharge from a plant site, sparging directly into basins to maintain aerobic bacteria activity
▪ Adding O2 and O3 to purify and supply oxygen to municipal water supplies
▪ Ozone Treatment
▪ Reactor water condensate polishing precoat filter / septa
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